Pharmaceutical and Medical

There are many uses for silicone and both Pharmaceutical and Medical applications. The many desirable properties make silicone the preferred choice for a wide variety of applications. Our team can formulate compounds and manufacture parts to your specific requirements.

Physical properties that are advantageous for medical and pharmaceutical silicone components:

  • Excellent for Use in Contact With Food Applications
  • UV stable
  • Resistive to Water
  • Thermally Stable 
  • Physical Protective Properties


Typical applications for silicone components in medical and pharmaceutical applications:


  • Laboratory Products
  • Fluid and Drug Delivery
  • Medical Electronics
  • Orthopedics and Prosthetics
  • In Clean Room Applications
  • Components for Machinery Used to Processes Pharmaceuticals
  • Other Pharmaceutical contact applications


KB America can provide custom compounded silicone parts to meet your specific needs.